What kind of visuals do we make?

All kinds possible

From brand identity through a simple upgrade of what you already have, design manual, mood board to logos, websites and tattoo designs. All kinds of attractive and original visuals that will please many an eye.

Company Identity

If company identity is perfectly executed and conceptually applied to all spheres of business, it becomes easily recognisable for broad environment.


The main goal is to design a visually attractive, simple and intuitive use of website or app.

Communication Design

Present author’s work, making each project unique.  Explore the Styles of our VISUALISATIONS.

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styles of our VISUALIZATIONS

Illustrations and storyboards

Illustration style changes based on requirements of a specific project. For example, when creating a mood board for a commercial spot, illustration is used to define visuality which will characterise the commercial.

Branding and social

Branding of products, events, posters and many others is an integral part of today’s strategy to attract interest and to be seen, in accordance with the slogan which still applies: “The package sells.”


When creating websites and applications, details, without which the result would seem unprofessional and neglected, are very important. These are mainly proper division of content for easy browsing, responsive functions, ideal font selection, etc.

3D design

Sophisticated models, animations and visualisations. Everything where 2D isn’t enough. Let yourself be enticed by three-dimensional animation and enter a new world.


of branding and name creation

Before a logo is created, it is always important to determine the main character of your brand, which will also be reflected in the visual part. Don’t be afraid to experiment and search for what is extraordinary and different.

Content cliché

Commercials are largely based on established stereotypes and notions of standards. However, only advertising agencies themselves are able to break this vicious circle. Nefkus approaches projects with mind and eyes open. We refuse to create well-worn duplicates again and again; we rather search for new topic overlaps, are interested in the given issues and offer unconventional solutions. We go into depth.

Information Age and critical thinking

“A Renaissance man” was versed in many areas of expertise. Today, being “Renaissance-like” is required from people working in advertising. They must be able to know and see deeper connections between various topics and analyse them critically from all aspects to deliver fully-fledged output at the end. To be able to do so, continuous learning, training and great degree of self-reflection are necessary.

3 steps towards a successful brand

If you want to introduce a new brand to the market, we must be able to understand what it represents and who your competition is. Market research is a good strategy to avoid inconvenience and discover a niche in the market.
Name creation
Write up all associations, ideas and phrases which characterise your brand. In this step, we don’t filter and limit the frequency of ideas. Some of them might seem weird, but, paradoxically, they may be what you’re looking for.
Final selection
While creating a name, you will certainly go through hundreds of possible combinations and versions. However, the best name is the most fitting and, of course, the shortest one. We will select 3 which we find to be the best and include them into the final selection.


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