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Music selection

Just as your looks, music also defines who you are. Step out and launch your career in the world of music.


A professional studio meeting the highest standards. Our record producers will show you how to do it.

Mix & Master

Watch how a song is being composed. You won’t believe, how far you can get in audio post-production.
Do you need to make a record?

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Song Lyrics

You can sing, but are not sure about the lyrics? We will help you to revise and edit it so that it would meet all standards of the song. Should it be cheeky, funky or casual? Choose the topic you wish to sing about, and we will come up with something that fits.

Rising star

A detailed consultation will help us to make sure what your goals are, and we will propose a collaboration that will allow you to concentrate on your job. We will provide the shows, music videos, interviews and PR.

Our producents

Will take care of the production


Is my voice good enough?
Come to a rehearsal, it's worth a try
How much does a genre selection matter?
It’s probably the most important decision. If you choose one and don’t identify yourself with it, it will affect the quality of your performance.
How do I know that my lyrics are good?
Everything depends on the listeners. Family and friends will always support you, as it should be. And we will tell you the truth.