What kind of videos do we create?


Preparation and production of a video is always based on individual requirements. Our specific signature is present in each project. We put emphasis on preparation, observing the essential form and presentation of a specific idea. We work on post-production and animations on a daily basis, so the scale we offer is really extensive.


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Post-production and VFX

It frequently happens that you need to modify or erase an object in a video.In post-production, we can remove as well as add figures and objects from or into a selected passage.

Green screen

A chroma key screen will perfectly separate the background from an object you wish to keep. Later, it is possible to exchange the background for anything that comes to mind. Some mistakes can also be corrected by a rotoscope tool. Do not wear any reflective and green accessories when keying the background, as they might end up being transparent.

  • After Effects


The video needs editing to come to life. We edit the video based on the script to keep its message and informative value. Badly edited video will not make sense to the spectators and will sooner put them off than attract them.

  • Adobe Premier pro
  • Da vinci

Particle system

Particle system comprises unique points which can simulate smoke, explosion or magic. One of the possible uses of this effect is when CD is inserted into a discman.


  • Red Giant (AE)
  • Cinema 4D
  • Blender

Color Grading

We generally shoot on s.log in a pro.ress format which is most suitable for post-production editing as it will keep all the important data and is without compression. We colour and subsequently export this format into a required format for web or social networks.

Services, we can


  • Explainer video
  • Product video
  • Cartoon VFX
  • Subtitles and sequences
  • TV & Broadcast
  • Vlog
  • Sports video
  • Corporate commmunication
  • Advertising spot
  • Interviews
  • Time lapse
  • Webinar
  • 3D animation
  • 3D tracking
  • Deleting objects
  • Green screen
  • Rotoscoping
  • Data backup

No project will surprise us!


Suitable for emerging as well as established companies which would like to communicate the innovation in their products and services.


Each sub-culture or regional town has its own specifics. Highlight the moments and lives of people living in its streets.

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How do I begin?
Firstly, you have to know what you would like to achieve through the video. Is it an explainer video, commercial spot or a hard sale video for an online campaign? For example, an explainer video contains animated charts and demonstrations of the topic in question, etc.
Technical processing
Selection of technical processing of a video is decisive for the final price. You can choose from a wide range of creative processing, like 3D-animation, motion design, stop-motion and classic animations for connoisseurs.
What length should I choose?
Video length is also an important aspect. Various formats have various uses on the web and online. Presentation video can last 5 minutes; however, the best video spots do not exceed 1 minute. Unskippable 15-second and 6-second commercials are used for e-commerce.
Creative brief
We will go through a brief before every video. We will ask you questions to understand your needs as much as possible. Without this consultation, we will not be able to fulfil your expectations.

What will the brief look like:
– script
– storyboard
– style frame
– shooting day
– technology
– music and sounds
– dabbing (EN, DE, HU)
– formats

As it is in every segment, we can determine priorities based on financial possibilities. We can divide the finance efficiently, so that we could fulfil at least a part of required creativeness at minimum costs.
Contractual conditions
If the budget is approved and we know what to do, we will make financial preparations for smooth realisation of your video. Final preparations comprise script and idea based on the agreed conditions, with these details forming an annex for the performance of contractual obligations.
The production itself can last 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity. The first visuals are sent following their approval in our company. We won’t burden you unnecessarily with the realisation process. We will deliver ready and approved video based on the script. Consultations are available throughout the project to the extent they do not disrupt production and delivery deadline.
Music and noise
At the final stage, we compose music and noise to bring life to the video. It doesn’t do the job without music. We compose music and noise ourselves in our company. Read more about music on our blog.
Finally, we will provide the video with support and proper formats and resolutions for social networks.
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NEFKUS PRODUCTION team is composed of permanent members and, if needed, external help. We deliver the entire production from stage construction through catering, lighting, camera equipment to search for locations.

Smooth and flowless video creation

  • DOP
  • Light technician
  • Video camera 1
  • Video camera 2
  • sound engineer
  • camera assistant
  • grip
  • set designer
  • props
  • makeup artist
  • catering
  • runners
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